Believing Is Seeing

Believing Is Seeing

Your Visual System: Perceiving and Misperceiving Objects and Scenes

Michael W. Levine


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Have you ever wondered how the images in your eyes become your perception of the world about you? Michael W. Levine, professor emeritus at the University of Illinois at Chicago, examines the how and what of vision in this book. From the images in your eyes, through the processing by your brain, to the creation of perceptions of the world, he explores why and how we see the world as we do. The author considers the phenomena of optical illusions, mistaken perceptions or interpretations, and impossible and ambiguous pictures, sharing his personal take on how the visual system works and what it does to enable us to recognize objects, scenes, and visual space. The most important aspect of vision that emerges in these pages is that when we see, our brains essentially create a visual world from the relatively sparse information that is presented by our eyes. Get a revealing glimpse into the workings of our visual systems and discover the beauty and wonder of the miracle of sight with Believing Is Seeing.